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A Clear Dry Erase Films


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DryApPlus is a superior surface for Hospital Disinfectants
8+ years without a DaPlus failure yet
60,000 out there with no problems

In Hospital Tests of DaPlus   also see test 2   Oxycide
Delray in Florida had our non-DaPlus boards since 9/06 after ruining 330 in x months.   Installed in 7/07 many new boards with  DaPlus and they are perfect as of 2/2016

we also supplied Thomas Hospital 128  24x36 non-DaPlus units damaged 10/06 to 2/07 and replaced with DaPlus film 10/07  and are perfect as of 4/10

Below is a letter written to us 8/4/2008 by a Hospital testing the DaPlus since they are need boards that can be cleaned.  The Virex TB has become very popular and it very harmful to certain plastics.   The plastic handles mentioned below normally pass a 3 day stress test but after one application of Virex TB it failed in less than an hour. 
Hospital name in CA available if warranted. Call Al

Al wanted to know the results of a test I did on the DaPlus film for our hospital. It wasn't completely scientific but it was surprising.

These were a 10 min test done by our Biomed team (meaning the chemical was left on for 10 min). All of them passed and the film still worked for dry erase.

-Phosphoric Acid

-Beta Dyne

-Rubber Restore

-95% alcohol

-Rust Remover

-Lime Away

These were are 72+ hour soak test cleaning chemicals that I got from our housekeeping department. All of them passed and the film still worked for dry erase.

-Virex Tb - This one was amazing because our biomed department has recently found out that this destroys the plastic handles on our IV pumps, it is a fairly new cleaner that hospitals are starting to use. This one was impressive.

-Spitfire Graffiti Remover

-Multi Surface Creme - similar to a Comet based paste, gritty

-Dispatch - A liquid bleach (5500 PPM) based cleaner

-Alcohol wipes - rubbed constantly over a period of 10 minutes

Other Disinfectants that have ruined boards before we added DaPlus
Ecolab A456-II   used at Mckenna
Chloroxylenol based E2 scrub used on A1100 at CH of LA