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MarkaSteel-MG that has been Compromised

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Option 1   see Option 2 bottom of page for films

sandpaper is easiest and fastest then field apply DaPlus How it Install DaPlus on
Order to try in      
LiftAway Graffiti Remover   order some then try local Goof-off  
Sandpaper 200 grit and 300
takes off marker but does not hurt embedding printing after film put on looks like NEW fastest, cleanest and best
Goof-Off 2 mild cleaner can use in room will only work on slightly damaged boards at beginning  
Goo Off very mild but need to order  will get low to medium damage  
Goof-Off  Might use in room if empty will take off medium damage  
Lift away Graffiti Remover Mild but powerful +++++ takes off medium damage
as good as Goof-OFF but is mild
Lacquer Thinner no way to use in room will handle any amount of degredation  
  Lacquer Thinner
|works the best and will get the hardest surfaces clean 
this is one that is needed by really damaged boards
**** best bet *****

LiftAway Graffiti Remover by Dumond part of Watch dog line  Data   MSDS

Liftaway is a citrus based formulation that is biodegradable and environmentally safe.  No Harmful or Nausous Fumes

**** best bet *****

One hospital that had used a strong disinfectant on the boards that caused them to be uncleanable with Expo type cleaners found that Goo Off got the red and blue stains out.

the board is not repaired but it useable with BLACK only markers...   Red or blue will stain the board and only be able to be removed with goo off.   Customer found that black Bold Expo still erased normally.    We destroyed some boards in house by polishing with MAAS metal polish till the boards lost their instant dry erase ability.   We tested 7 different brands of black and colored markers on the damaged boards and found the following results as noted below.  Below is some quick testing on damaged boards after Goo Off  test 3/07.   

I also found that erasing a wet marker surface often caused problems with markers that erased fine when fully dry.


This is not a fix but a way to get more life out of damaged boards.     Clean with Lift Away Wipes or spray and then use only A Rated Markers.

Expo2 low odor are alcohol based
Expos, Claridge & Walkers are Ketone based

Product that also works is Goof Off available anywhere.  It is flammable, Xylene and other stuff in it and smells but it does remove stains that expo does not.  Available at any hardware store

"The Ultimate Remover"

Goof Off The Ultimate Remover
Product is GOO OFF
only available from MFG or special places.  A much milder material that has no known health hazards but is slightly combustable it has glycolethers in it

Goof-Off 2 is a new product that is water based and does not contain the harsh chemicals of standard Goo Off.    WE have tested it and it does a fair job.

Regular professional strength works better

Water Based



Products that are clean poorly  or do not work at all!

 1.   Goo Gone

2.  Motsenbockers
Lift Off 3

3. Acetone

4: paint thinner

tested 8/07

brand style  A Rated
Great Dry
Good Wet
Great dry
poor-Med Wet
Good Dry
Poor Wet
Poor Dry
Poor Wet
To Be Tested  
Expo Low Odor Black, brown Red        
Expo Scents Red Green     Black  
Quartet ComforTech Pro   Black Red Green      
Quartet  High performance            
Avery Marks-a-lot     Red Yellow Orange    
Boone Low Odor Black, Green
Purple, Orange
Dallas Lighthouse
we Stock!!
  Black Red        
Ram Wipe-out Black          
Egan     Black        
stuff below failed badly            
Claridge         all colors    
Walltalker         All colors    
Expo Bold
      all colors    
Liquid Expo Low odor       all colors    
 2nd option

Clean board best you can and cover with a clear dry erase film.    We have access to some and availability varies along with maximum size, availability with PSA adhesive, and ease of installation.    Call Al at X111


Films Clear
DryApPlus  in stock now w/PSA
DW Film  good but no PSA

Clear Pearlcoat Not Available

3rd Option
Buy new boards and make sure they are treated like a pair of quality glasses see Cleaning and Warranty



FAQ Area for resurfacing with DaPSA50 clear film!

  1. Will the Film deteriorate with time?
    will do fine up to and past warrantee time. 

  2. What is the Warranty on the Film?  10 Years if not abraded and cleaned with approved cleaners see Warrantee

  3. What if different cleaning chemicals are used on the Film? How resistant is it?  see Cleaning
    will be fine with Windex, Expo Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol and soap and water

  4. Can you pre-cut the film to fit our communication boards? ---
    generally the 50" wide rolls work fine and the sign shop or tint shop will have no problem cutting and then trimming at the end


  5. Do you all have a representative that may be able to apply the film? Cost to have a Representative? 
    call a local Window tinting or sign shop.   they can do the job as well as anyone!