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2201 or 1135 2205 or 11342202 or 11322204 or 11362203 or 11332185 or 1107
2186 or 11102162 or 11132182 or 11112166 or 11002067 or 11052187 or 1109
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Forbo Cork has all of the following features...
Looks Fantastic see Displays.
12 Colors that go all the way through to burlap back
Roll size approx. 90-95' in 4' or 6' wide by 1/4" thick
Self healing surface -- Will not Warp or Crumble
Soil resistant, washable surface.
Tacks insert easily, are gripped firmly.
Low light reflection - non-reflective
Dimensionally stable all directions. 
Naturally inhibits bacterial growth.  
No toxins or harmful emissions.  
Meets ASTM E-84 and meets or exceeds MIL-C-15116-C, Type 1.

What is Forbo Cork ---  
Forbo Cork is Environmentally Friendly and always looks like new.  Forbo Bulletin Board Cork is made from pure natural ingredients that combine under heat and pressure to create a smooth, uniformly dense, suede-like surface of unsurpassed beauty and durability. Expanded range of 12 contemporary colors that go all the way through to the burlap backing.    For some great application pictures see Cork Display units

     Forbo Cork is a 1/4" thick uni-colored linoleum with a self-healing surface that accepts pins and tacks. It is twice the density of natural cork and is widely used in educational and commercial applications.  Made from cork, linseed oil, wood flour, pine resin, jute and pigments. We sell the Forbo Cork under the Tac-A-Cork name but it is exactly the same product distributed by Claridge as Claridge Cork, Walltalkers/RJF as Tac-Wall, Mark-a-Wall as Tac-a-Cork and Polyvision as Forbo Colored cork, or MArsh as Plas-cork.   If ordered from us you will get genuine Forbo Cork.   We pull from multiple distribution points so we are able to get you the colors you want in the quantity you want in the time frame you need.       
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1/4" cork Width


Sq ft /Roll

1-49 ft


cut over 50 ft

Roll wt

Full Rolls

Full Roll
at List

Roll Length Sq ft/Roll $sf / $lf
$sf / $lf
full roll
Roll Wt   Full Roll
 at List

Full Roll
at List



Full Roll
at List



12 colors 4' or 48" ~94 ft 376



413 lbs   $1,974
6 colors 6' or 72" ~94 ft 564 $6.75/$40.50


620 lbs   $2,961
 Yes - you can buy a partial roll at the partial roll price....
You do not have to buy a full roll !!

All Full Rolls Are Based On 94 Ft Roll Sizes - 
All Sizes Are Approximate.   Actual Roll Size Is Determined At Time Of Shipping
Invoice is Based On Actual Amount Shipped (88-96 per roll) Not Amount Quoted at 94' and will be adjusted at time of shipment
Due to price of cut rolls 73 linear ft is same price as 94'-- so buy the full roll!
Please note even though cork must acclimate for 24 hours the material can still shrink up to 1/4"

Anything less then a full roll is subject to an $18 cut charge.   Be sure of color because their is a substantial restocking charge.   Ask for our full sample chart!

You can order less then a full roll it just has to be in full foot increments

Please note that the cork does have a natural off gassing from the Linseed Oil and with ventilation the off gassing will eventually dissipate.

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Colored cork
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Manufacturer Literature....
Polyvision  Forbo
Tac-a-Cork  by Mark-A-Wall
Claridge page 30    by Claridge 

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MSDS Sheets

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Large Panels 
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Martha Stewart Living Magazine feb-2008

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$18.00 packaging charge on all partial rolls

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Seams --  all Seaming
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Sizes Available ......
Sizes 48" and 72" wide by up to 95'
You can order any 1' increment

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Tac-a-Cork Wall specs
Tac-a-Cork- Shipping / Cutting / Size info
Forbo back of chart info

Summary of Colored cork 1-page..
Forbo Cork

Tac-A-Cork  same as Forbo

Tackable Surfaces others

Tiles of Cork
Tiles  12" x 12" or less
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Tools for installing Cork
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Uses of cork....
Uses of Colored Tackable Cork Wall Covering.

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Small Returned pieces for sale
RESTOCKING charges apply

One   Two   Three

Waranty => 5 year limited warranty 

Wall to Wall  Installation Options

Yellowing or Ambering
see Drying Room Yellowing


Stock Status Notes as of 5/17/2012
All cork is in stock                                             

Tac-A-Cork P/N
Claridge Cork 48" 72" Walltalkers Other ProCork
Plas-Cork by Marsh
66 Suntan 2166 1100 Tan yes yes C250-66 Suntan BC-9
Summer Tan
2166 Natural Tan 
62 Pewter 2162 1113 Steel Gray yes yes C250-62 Pewter BC-14
Storm Grey
2162 Steel Grey
85 Deep blue 2185 1107 Denim yes yes C250-85 Deep blue BC-13
Skyline Blue
2185 Blue
82 Quarry  2182  1111 Smoke yes yes C250-82 Quarry  BC-29
Pearl Grey
2182 Medium Gray
67 Sand 2067 1105 Desert Sand yes yes C250-67 Sand BC-5
Satellite Grey
2067 Sand
03 Peridot 2203 1133 Green yes No C250-03 Peridot BC-8
Aqua Green
2203 Green
05 Old blue 2205 1134 Midnight yes No C250-05 Old blue BC-25
Midnight Blue
2205 Navy
04 Stone 2204 1136 Graphite yes No C250-04 Stone BC-27
Slate Grey
2204 Dark Grey
86 Acorn 2186 1110 Fawn yes Yes C250-86 Acorn BC-2
2186 Buff
87 Sandalwood 2187 1109 Buff yes  No C250-87 Sandalwood BC-3
2187 Blush
01 Autumn 2201 1135 Brick yes No C250-01 Autumn BC-12
Cayenne Red
2201 Terra Cotta
02 Charcoal 2202 1132  Black yes * No C250-02 Charcoal BC-16
Graphite Black
2202 Brown
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