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Forbo Bulletin board Sales Terms 

Forbo Inc. recommends  their bulletin board cork to be sold and installed by their master dealer/installers, the product requires experienced people to perform direct to wall installations, along with use of L910W.     

If you are buying cork from us for wall installation you have to agree to the following "Warrantee" conditions or go to others for product.  99.9% of the time defective product would be noticeable before installation.

 1.  It is your job to spot defective, discolored  or freight damaged material before it is installed and return it for credit or do a freight claim. 

2.  If you call us and ask for a visit to inspect installed material you think is defective there will be a travel cost payable in advance to be refunded only if material is truly defective and not visible before installation.

3.  If you do an improper installation, customer is unhappy, it is your responsibility to resolve fully or we may refer you to another company for future purchases.

4.  You will educate yourself as to the installation techniques, agree to only do installations that you feel skilled to do, not hold Indoff or Forbo liable for installation problems, or installation of visibly defective material.      

5.  Factory recommends L910W as the best adhesive for Forbo Cork.  Use of other adhesives will void any resolution of problems.

Therefore you are really on your own if you install defective product or do not install it correctly.



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