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Holding Rolls of Cork &
Subject to Prior Sale $ 1st Refusal

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Introduction to Forbo Cork Roll holding and sales

Facts of life with Cork

Inventory consists of twelve 4' wide colors and six 6 ft wide colors so we need to have 18 SKU's composed of various shipments which probably means different dye lots and of course various length rolls.   

This very heavy and bulky material stored on racks in rolls that weight either  400 or 600 lb.

When you ask us if we have 5 rolls of  2202 we can tell you quickly from inventory sheets but to determine that they are the same dye lot requires a trip into the racks to read each tag.    Fine if needed but please don't ask for the same dye lot unless it really is needed.   If you will take mixed die lots in a pinch than please don't ask for matching lots.   Matching dye lots on large orders can add 15 weeks to lead time if it needs to come from factory in Europe.  

    Also this brings us to holding rolls and subject to prior sale and deposits!

We can check roll availability for you and if its really hot get the warehouse to call us over the next day giving us right of 1st refusal where we will immediately require a non refundable deposit to hold it any longer.

note 25% and 10% are all based on contractor net of full order

This Nonrefundable deposit of 25% will insure the rolls on deposit are not sold to anyone else and are held to you for 30 days from receipt of check or CC transaction.   If at the end of 30 days you decide you don't want the cork your forfeit the 25%.    If you decide to take the cork then the 25% turns into a normal deposit on the cork.  If you decide you need us to hold it longer than 30 days and are not willing to buy it and store elsewhere we will then an additional require 10% per month storage/holding fee.   This seems difficult and cumbersome but holding /storing rolls is not easy and we miss many sale opportunities.  If you really need the cork its best to order it and have it close to the job site!


Inventory constantly changes we cannot hold roll sizes and what is in stock one minute may not be in stock the next minute.


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