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Forbo Cork has all of the following features...
Self healing surface.
12 Colors that go all the way throught to burlap back
Roll size approx. 90-95' in 4' or 6' wide by 1/4" thick.
Self healing surface.
Soil resistant, washable surface.
Tacks insert easily, are gripped firmly.
Low light reflection. 
Dimensionally stable all directions. 
Will not warp or crumble. 
Naturally inhibits bacterial growth.  
No toxins or harmful emissions.  
Meets ASTM E-84 and meets or exceeds MIL-C-15116-C, Type 1.
-- Cork FAQ's --

Architects specify Forbo Colored Cork in a multitude of applications for a variety of reasons.   The most important reason is durability followed by "look".    The look you get with Forbo cork is multiplied by the variety of color choices so you get not only a look but the ability to coordinate colors with your environment.
  Used in Schools, conference rooms, dormitories, war rooms, layout rooms and any place a quality tackable surface is required.
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