Large Panels of Cork i.e. mounted cork
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For Small 12" or smaller pieces see Tiles

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Bulletin board cork Panels 

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   Full panel info at Claridge pages
29  natural cork      30  Colored Cork Panels   31  Fabric covered Cork      
32  Fabricork Vinyl Panels         33   Hook-Fab Panels     36   panels for standards

for complete boards with frames see  Bulletin Index  
for 12"x12" or smaller mounted colored cork see Tiles

Below are colors and info on  the Colored Cork Panels

mounted cork has no frame or tray

  • 1/4" thick cork laminated to 1/4" hardboard  (1/2" total thickness)

  • Available in colors

  • Resilient, tackable surface material

  • Ships flat

Anything larger then 4ftx3ft will ship via common carrier
Backer options- for Laminated Cork
  • Fiberboard
  • Hardboard

Fiberboard will be able to accept the point of a push pin.  Hardboard will not accept the head of a push pin.

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