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Caulk Seams for Cork

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We have limited experience but we understand the Colorflex caulking is good to patch mistakes
Color rite at 405-354-3644 also has premixed color with factory part numbers


Colorite at 405-354-3644
Forbo # Color rote #
2067 MS60
2162 AE08
2166 BE18
2182 CE05
2185 AC26
2186 MS132
2187 AB17
2201 CE25
2202 AA09
2203 BC31
2204 BD19
2205 AC27
Please be aware that double cutting the seams can be difficult but is the recommended method.  We do recommend that you read the installation manual and have experience in working with the colored cork.  If you need to caulk a seam ColorFlex and Color Rite do offer caulk.   ColorFlex had tubes of several colors available to ship out immediately.


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