How to Order from Indoff's CT Branch


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Homeowner Ordering Info

credit card order form => Order-form

for Payment and general info see link on
General Ordering Information


Do We Sell To Homeowners - Yes // But...
We find that 99% of homeowners that call us are not willing to pay for quality commercial grade product....
please see info below and only call us if you meet the criteria below
  • Know pretty much what they want.   Do your homework on site 1st
  • Have exhausted resources such as Staples, Office Max etc
  • Are not expecting to get a $100 dollar item at any discount from list - You will pay Full Retail.
  • Realize that for items that are over 3' by 4' they must ship by common carrier.  For Home delivery this usually gets into at least $85 of basic trucking costs plus an additional $50 home delivery charge.  Add even more for apartment deliveries which are considered inside delivery and will add another $75. (This does not include the Walltalkers which ships in a tube rolled up.)
  • Realize We Charge Sales Tax in Every State - you will be charged tax
  • You must have the ability to get and send faxes or are willing to do orders via mail  
  • We do not take orders over the phone.  we need written confirmation on our order form or by mail
  • Samples will cost at least $15 if you do not have a UPS or Fedex account to charge shipping to.
    Cork Sample

If you meet the criteria above and want an item we sell that you can't get locally and are willing to pay a for commercial quality goods then call us or fax over what you need