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Cork that customers have ordered and it can not be returned.

Its for Sale

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Small Returned pieces for sale

Returns and why we really like you to be sure of item and get samples 1st and buy in uncut lengths. 

No returns under 16 ft in length.

We'd rather not because we  don't make enough on your orders to add a lot of handling and we waste a lot of time trying to clean it up, restock it  and re-cut it for new orders.

Our experience with returns on Colored Cork is not very good. Generally the customer does a poor job of packing and then there is significant damage and every square foot requires inspection.  After we charge 25% restocking and they ship it across the country freight prepaid (we will refuse it if it comes in collect). Net will probably be 50% or less due to freight.

So... 30% restocking. Must be shipped back freight prepaid. No credit for damaged product or open containers of adhesive.

Listing your material here give you a chance to recoup more or even sell it at retail if you bought it as a dealer.   If you sell it locally you might not even lose the freight.

 These items are for sale!  we carry no responsibility for the condition or the transaction.  We are only trying to help our customers who have material they can not return and get you a good deal on some cork.
color Width length Zip code/ State # pieces will cut Contact
1110 or 2186 4' 19' 91206 CA 4 ??? A below

  Company person Phone Fax Email
A Marlene Designs Marlene 818-244-1152 818-244-1153


Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   5/01/07