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Peel & Stick
3M +++ (1)
Big (2)
Skins (4)
OAF Retrofit Kit with Changeability  (5)
 see Video
Switch-IT for
Mag Receptive

Call us to discuss the best way to replace dry erase surfaces that will not work anymore or about getting new graphics on your boards.  We have a solution for you!

Look at Overlay methods below and call to discuss what fits your needs
Listed in order or popularity

1. Peel and Stick Overlay to get new graphics on a non magnetic board
Our Printed Avery or 3M Controltac with our DaPlus dry erase film will solve your problem
Pricing Peels & Stick with Avery
Installation of 3M Controltac or Avery

FAQ's  such as size and Fit -- Please READ**
1-Page Summary Intro Sheet

weight .075 lbs per sq ft
Installed Pictures

2. Resurface an existing  magnetic boards with our printed dry erase magnets
This is the easiest and fastest way to refurbish and change existing
Large for full Boards       Small Name tags and images        Printed Magnet Index
1-Page Summary Intro Sheet

3. Resurface an existing printed surface that is ghosting badly but can be cleaned 1 time
DaPlus clear over laminate without printing that is peel & stick
Restore dry erase qualities without changing present graphics.
Use just this to resurface Good graphics with bad ghosting
Installation of Daplus to steel

4. Resurface a non-magnetic board with new graphics with ability to take magnets using old frame
Steel Skins can be made printed and filmed and glued to existing
Printed Magnetic Receptive sheet with DaPlus & P&S Back could be a answer

5. Make a changeable board instantly using our inserts + DaPlus10 +mangets see OAF Accessory Kit
This a clear dry erase .010 sheet to overlay your printed graphics
This is the non adhesive version that allows you to cover graphics to make an instant dry erase board

6. Mobile OR boards

7. Peel & stick on Glass.   A great way to get printed dry erase on glass see image

9. Stick-IT  Magnetic Panels for Cost effective Printed dry erase Magnetic receptive overlays

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Layouts for Your Overlay
we can use the same ones we do for framed boards
see layouts by Usage & Dept
Non Hospital Graphics

1-page summary
Other types. Why acrylic &
Plexiglas are no good

Static Cling

Art Approval
for Large Overlays and for less than board size Small Pieces

Warrantee is 6 years on overlays with our DaPlus film see Warrantee

We specialize in dry erase.   Our biggest selling items are our dye-sub steel boards but for those with an existing surface that need to be printed and dry erase we offer a bunch of alternatives.
 ***Also this might be the time to consider a new board
 with the ability to be be changed quickly see COAF
Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   7/20/2014