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Large Printed Dry Erase Magnets #30
Interchangeable and Professional
48" by 10 ft max size

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The perfect way to make your permanent MarkaSteel a totally new board!
Anyone can add our magnet in 10 seconds - no tools needed!

Larger Printed Dry Erase Magnets
full 4 Color printing with our exclusive DaPlus protective surface

Width is limited to 48" but length can be 25 ft
you can interchange width and height in pricing
Base material is .020" magnet + vinyl+film = .027"
as of 4/15/2013 we cannot do variable data at this pricing.
$70 go to press charge per layout will apply
Samples are available --- 17" x 23" is A6036  and   8.5"x11"  is  A6099
We cannot print to edge of 48" material so max width with cutting and film is 47.5 with another 1/4" of clear space for lines
so max outer box or image should be 47"

** Check size pages for most current and quantity price
Scroll to #30 for magnet price**

      This is approximate

   wt each

aprox width aprox length Actual all quantities $ each based on 10 pcs.  
9 12" 9x12    
12" 18" 12x18    
18" 24" 18x24 $32.20 1.26
20" 30" 20x30    
24" 24" 24x24    
24" 36" 24x36 $45.1 2.52
24" 48" 24x48    
36" 48" 36x48 $125.30 5.04
48" 60" 48x60    
48" 72" 48x72    
48" 96" 48x96    

Some Recent Full Board Magnet Projects
Central Maine 200 pcs  35x23 7 variations 5/2014
Wellstar Kennestone A6417 27 pcs 2014

Weight on .020 with film approx    .42 lb sq ft   without packaging

As specialists in dry erase we offer 4 color CMYK printed Magnets in a multitude of small Sizes 
Our Magnamedia system is also available if need smallest dimension over 40x48 or larger

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   3/20/2015