Printed Dry Erase Magnets Index
4 color printed with dry erase lamination added
Also available as dry erase in colors no wording
Also available without dry erase protective cover

Master Index of all visual communication products
Indoff  selling Nationwide
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As specialists in dry erase we offer 4 color CMYK printed Magnets in a multitude of sizes.
We do both digital and offset printing so there are very wide price per piece changes based on volume.   Also we have worked out methods to get offset pricing with smaller lots done over time. Call Al about this at  ext. 111

Examples of Printed Magnets

We have a full time graphic department to aid in your design

Below are listed the main categories of printed magnets
If you need colored magnets with no wording call us

go to>Large
  Bigger than 9"x12"

for scheduling and planning

Intro Sheet for Hospitals


go to>Small
  Less than less than 9x12

For hundreds of uses
   Fall protection

also see Name Tags

go to>Name Tags
  Printed form Spreadsheets every magnet will be different

Mistakes: Error fixing 
on printed boards
go to>Custom Shapes
   Can be almost anything via laser cutting, and any color

Circles, rectangles, Bottles, Houses, Drugs, Stop sign,

Anything is possible
call Allen ext 111

go to>Double Sided
Double sided magnets can be useful and we can help you with them


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   4.  Make it Dry Erase with our DaPlus laminating film
Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/8/2016
Please Call to Discuss your needs.  We are very good at this.  Contact Allen at 860-632-2026 x 111