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As specialists in dry erase we offer 4 color CMYK printed Magnets in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

A8278 2"x2" Square  Magnets

Custom square cut

Name tags with color coded background
We import excel spreadsheets
A7011 Harbor UCLA   4000 at 1"x4"
A8632  1.25x1.25    
A10462 pain scale A10136  Bed alarm    1.5"x9"  red


A10137 See styrene   A7076


Hospital Door Manets 5"x10"
Do Not Disturb

Custom Shaped Example

SEE  Shapes

Label with insert

A11146 4.5"x4"  inch magnet Clean Hands count

A8416   1" Round Magnets 1650 pieces total of 11 images


84956 9.5X9.5  Discharge

Below are only larger hospital board Magnetic Overlays

A7858 23x17 Magnet



A7526 21.75x21.75


A6417  33.75x21.75  Magnet

A7422  33.75x21.75 Magnet

A7454 21.75x21.75 Magnet

A7510   33.75x21.75 Magnet

A7523  33.75x21.75 Magnet

A7524  33.75x21.75 Magnet

A7525   33.75x21.75 Magnet




Dry erase film options
   DaPlus - Best wear + plus its chemical resistant for 6 years +
   Tru-Erase - Very Good Dry Erase
   GBC - Wet Erase not dry erase

These are custom printed and are not returnable!   Make sure size and image are correct!
Remember  - you have to cut out images and approve the PDF proof we send you. 
Images only cut from sheet if quoted as part of job, otherwise you get full sheets and cut them yourself
For non hospital magnet usage the DaPlus is not needed and our Tru Erase film is fine at lower price

We also offer Magnetic Stock to print  that you can print yourself.

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts  2-6-2016