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Believe it or not we get a small number of boards that get approved with incorrect numbers or spelling!   Please check your proofs carefully!   If you sign the waiver and there are mistakes in it the finished board is yours!

What we can do to help rectify a mistake due to approving an incorrect waiver proof.
       1.  We can print on a flexible magnet the exact text or numbers and have you cover the mistake.   The printed Magnet is not itself dry erase but will cover the mistake fairly well.    We also can put a dry erase film over the magnet so it will be almost perfect!      Free or at a nominal cost.   see printed magnets at Magnets.
       2.   If you really can't use the board at all we will give you a special price to make your purchase of the corrected replacement as easy as can be.

see printed magnets at Magnets.     1"x1" magnets

Full size overlay to redo whole boards see Magnets Stick-ON

Also see Static Cling

Remember if we print something besides what you approved its our fault and we still replace it asap!
We can only be responsible for printing what you approve!!!

   This Board was signed off by all with an E missing.
The E was in their original artwork but got deleted in artwork conversion and then was approved to print in final waiver without the E..   Please book at you proofs carefully and have checked by many people.

Here is an example of a 2'x3' planning board that was approved by customer with duplicate numbers!   Here is another board that customer asked to have changed along with 2 or 3 other changes and it was missed.  The customer forgot to check the proof that this number had been changed.   Please check!!!!!

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