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5" x10" Printed Magnets with Dry Erase Film Cover
Medication Round In Progress  - Do Not Disturb

Customized for your hospita;
4 Color  printed magnets
full magnetic back
.020" thick Magnet as shipped

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Printed Magnets
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Printed Magnets

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Dry erase film options
DaPlus - Best + chemical resistant 6 yr +PSA - good 1-2 years
Thermal 1.2 - Very Good Dry Erase (standard)
GBC - Wet Erase not dry erase
  Quantity Thermal 1.2 DaPlus PSA   w round
                                                                   Hospital use     Call  
Digital 1-5            
Digital 11-24            
Digital 25-99            
Digital 100-499            
Digital 500-1500            
  higher volumes we do offset Printed see price below ** Prices keep getting better with more volume
Offset 2,000            
Offset 5,000            
Offset 10,000            





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