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Printed Magnetic Dry Erase
Name Tags and Labels

Easily changed.   Professional and Neat
Any size in color with any variables on each magnet.

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Printed Magnets

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Printed Magnets

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As specialists in dry erase we offer 4 color CMYK printed Magnets in a multitude of sizes.
We can incorporate different names, titles, colors, and logos on each magnet from a spreadsheet
 We can do 1 magnet Label  or 3,000, Call for pricing and samples.
These smaller magnets are usually square cut and can be any size you need.

Printed Dry Erase Name Tags
We import Excel spreadsheets and make unique magnets
We can customize these in unlimited unique ways by merging
a spreadsheet that will change color and image by department and merge in each persons name.  We did job below for Harbor UCLA Medical Center and we had thousands of custom magnets.
We are experts at this - call Al at ext. 111 for a quote on any quantity!

A11089  Tags for A11059
   Combine lots in one job


Before Printed (PDF file)



After Printed (completed magnets on dry-erase board)

Dry erase film options
   DaPlus - Best wear + plus its chemical resistant for 6 years +
   Tru-Erase - Very Good Dry Erase
   GBC - Wet Erase not dry erase

These are custom printed and are not returnable!   Make sure size and image are correct!
Remember  - you have to cut out images and approve the PDF proof we send you. 
Images only cut from sheet if quoted as part of job, otherwise you get full sheets and cut them yourself
For non hospital magnet usage the DaPlus is not needed and our Tru Erase film is fine at lower price

We also offer Magnetic Stock to print  that you can print yourself.
Our Magnamedia system a unique system that offers up to 60 inch by 100 ft printed dry erase.

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   6/30/2014