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Small Printed
Dry Erase Magnets
less than 9"x12"
Flexible and thin

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Printed Magnets

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Printed Magnets

Large Printed

Please call for a quote.    Size, quantity, quality of dry erase, lead time needed, along with bleed and complexity of text and imaging all determine price.   We do a lot of printed magnets and can usually quote you within hours.   Our in house graphics department will work with you to get exactly what you need.
Small orders will be hand cut with square corners.

Available also as laser cut with 1 year dry erase in any shape you desire.

Smaller magnets can be kiss cut in larger sheets see Kiss sheet or shrink wrapped in sized bundles
Laser cutting allows us to give you a magnet of almost any shape
Radiused corners are free on large orders laser cut but cost on small runs

Please call Allen at ext 111 to discuss your needs to get what is needed at a reasonable cost

Dry erase film options
DaPlus - Best + proven chemical resistant  6+ years
Tru-Erase -  Good Dry Erase 1 year
GBC - Wet Erase not dry erase
Protective - just for they can be cleaned

Circles Various Diameters

Some examples to give idea on pricing:    1x1  5"x10"  8.5"x11"  4"x8"


---see picture below with printed magnets we cut out




Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   3/24/11