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Warranty for
DaPlus and DaPlus10
  DaPlus DaPlus-10Mil  
DaPlus and DaPlus10 are both top quality clear polyester films with a a superior chemical resistant dry erase surface and a very tuff hard surface for a film.

Please note that none of the warrantees cover loss of dry erase due to abrasion.


1. If we apply our DaPlus to our steel boards we give it a 20 year erase warranty
Our boards with the DaPlus surface are guaranteed against ghosting and loss of erase-ability for twenty years as long as the surface has not been abraded. Abrasion will occur if cleaners such as Comet, Soft Scrub, Scotch-Brite type sponges or abrasive wipes are used; non-abrasive disinfectants and cleaning liquids will not void the warranty. 
Best cleaning agents are isopropyl alcohol, Expo cleaner and soap and water on a weekly basis.   Use cleaners with any soft material that you would use on your skin, such as towelettes, napkins, paper towels, cloths or erasers.


2. If we apply our DaPlus to 3M or magnets we warrantee them for 6 years mainly because the edges are not sealed in our frame as with our full boards


3. Our DaPlus has a 5 year warranty if bought by you and installed by you correctly.


4. Our DaPlus10 also has a 5 year warranty.  Since it is a product that will be handled off the board we do not cover damage due to folding, crinkling and excessive abuse and abrasion.