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Types of dry erase Surfaces Available                Comparison of all Dry Erase surfaces

MarkaBoard line - fantastic new surface that comes in a variety of styles.  we have Magnetic-image-able, non-magnetic-image-able,  Magnetic-non-image-able and non-magnetic-non-image-able.   This surface has fantastic non-ghosting features and can be cut with wood tools.  Many uses from resurfacing to Color Graphics.
- Best Price performance ratio going

Vinyl Wallpaper (MarkaWall)- 
This is a fantastic product that allows you to wallpaper a room in Dry-Erase material.   It comes in rolls (or partial rolls) and is applied like wallpaper rolls are 48" or 60" wide by 100 ft long.    There are various models available that offer a magnetic surface, built in grids, use as a projection screen.  
Product can ship UPS in 1-2 days

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Porcelain over Steel (LCS) from Claridge
The most durable whiteboard material.  Its fade proof, Acid proof, scratch proof, stain proof (permanent markers will erase)and fire proof.    These boards are inherently magnetic since they are made of 24 Gauge steel with a porcelain Enamel skin permanently bonded to steel.     The LCS material is available in 5 colors (white, sandalwood, light gray, cream, medium beige).   There is also a style that serves dual function as a projection screen.
LCS material can be bought as a bare skin, backed with 1/4" hardboard, backed with 1/2" hardboard in pieces up to 5' by 16'.
Wall mounted framed boards in Alum or wood are available from stock in sizes up to 4' by 12'. 
Freestanding movable boards are available up to 4' by 6'
Cabinet mounted boards that close up with fine wood finishes are available for executive conference rooms and executive offices.
Must ship by Truck (except very small pieces)

Also Alliance P3 Ceramicsteel an improved ceramic steel

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Porcelain-over-steel over 4' wide

Alliance P3 Markerboard Index

Total Erase by Quartet 
this is a new surface that is light years better than Melamine but is non-magnetic.   Its pricing is between melamine and P3 ceramicsteel but it has great erase ability and no ghosting.   Only from Quartet.
Only available as finished Boards
Total Erase
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Markaboard materials

EVS - Egan Visual Surface is a great advance in dry erase surfaces that not only clean easily but are excellent to project on.   Developed for the Electronic Teamboard the surface is now available in many Egan products

Chalkboard Plus  -  Need both dry erase markers and chalk and project on board.  This surface is a compromise but it may suit your needs especially if you have different people using the same board Chalkboard Plus from Alliance

This is a coated hardboard, it is not magnetic and does not have the hard surface or life-span of porcelain over steel.  It will stain if an improper marker is used and we do not recommend it for anything but home type use. but if you must have it here is a page of framed melamine boards by Claridge

MLC Deluxe Writing Surface
  Full Whiteboard Index Turn a complete conference Room into a giant whiteboard?
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