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Information on 3 wall covering methods

Indoff    - sold nationwide
860-632-2028 Fax
  MarkaWall-Vinyl Wallpaper Skin Only
Claridge Steel-Skin only

Alliance P3
Skin with wood backer
Alliance P3
description see various types but .0125 to .024" thick 24 gauge 24 gauge w/ wood backing
Splines For Alignment
Magnetic capability one model can take light magnetic tape but will not support a lot like the side of a filing cabinet
Seams recommended horizontal - at 32" above floor - seams will wear can be vertical or horizontal Seams do not Wear
longevity 5 year warrantee but vinyl can be abused and ruined very hard very resistant to scratches and abuse
50 Year Warrantee
surface prep surface better be flat or will show all imperfections Skin is forgiving of small imperfections, holes etc put over just about anything - can be ordered with tongue and grove in backing to keep surface flush
seams just edges of material usually just butt edges together but extruded aluminum joint is available but it will not be a writing surface(1" wide) Backed Alliance Whiteboards & Splines
Color Matching material consistent

want to keep a room with skins from same batch of material-there can be slight batch color differences

maximum width  3 widths 48", 50" and 60" all widths are not available in each style factory widths are 48" and 60"
Maximum length uncut roll is 100 ft 16 feet
Marker trays & trim available in wood and aluminum make your own trim Available see Trim
Installer skill needed medium to high High medium to low
delivery ship UPS 1-2 days- air shipments can be done reasonably must go by truck- lead time can be anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks depending on if cut plus trucking time tongue and grove takes extra time and will depend on factory backlog at time of order
Projectability various types high gloss& med available high gloss& med available
Price pages MarkaWall Pricing Skin pricing Backed LCS pricing
Relative SQ-FT cost-w/o installation w/o volume discounts or frt $2.88 to $4.75 basic write-on
$5-$6 with projection feature
$7.50 for Magnetic MagWall
$6.10 sq ft $8.50 sq ft
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