Panel Make-up -- Face/Core/Backing
** Indoff only sells the Commercial Line thru Claridge 
see Architectural Sheet for Specs and Substitutions we can provide




24 Gauge Vitracite 24 16 ft. 1 1/4 lb.
24 Gauge LCS Face 24 LCS 16 ft. 1 1/4 lb.
1/4” Hardboard 115   Architectural line 16 ft. 1 1/2 lb.
3/8” Duracore 116   **Commercial & Architectural 16 ft. 1 lb.
3/8” Particle Board 118   Architectural line 16 ft. 1 1/2 lb.
Aluminum Foil F  **Commercial & Architectural  
.015 Aluminum Sheet A   Architectural line Only 1/4 lb.
Steel S   Architectural line Only 3/4 lb.

SPECIFICATIONS: All chalkboard shall be Vitracite and all markerboard shall be LCS, by Claridge Products and Equipment, Inc., Harrison, Arkansas, manufactured as follows:

METHOD OF MANUFACTURE: DuPont process as originally developed by E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., Inc. for modern porcelain enameling techniques.

FACE SHEET: As specified by architect, either 24 gauge Vitracite for chalkboards or 24 gauge LCS markerboards. Color shall be as selected.

CORE MATERIAL: As specified by architect. Select from 1/4” hardboard (115), 3/8” duracore (116) or 3/8” particle board (118).

PANEL BACKING: As specified by architect. Select from foil backing (F), .015 Aluminum Sheet (A) or Steel (S).

LAMINATIONS: Shall be hot-type neoprene contact adhesive applied to both surfaces automatically. Each substrate to have a minimum of 80% covering with 1.5-2.0 dry mils of adhesive. Panel components shall have uniform pressure applied mechanically over entire area. Laminations shall be made by face sheet manufacturer.


SIZES: All 24 gauge chalkboards and markerboards shall be available up to 16’ in one piece. Standard height is 4’. No joints, cracks or writing surface interruptions of any type shall be permitted in spaces under 16’.

BRITTLENESS AND CHIPPING: Chalkboards or markerboards with high-fired brittle ground and finish coats are not acceptable.

FIRING TEMPERATURES: Enamel shall be fired at approximately 1000 F. or lowest possible temperatures thereunder to reduce steel and porcelain stresses and achieve superior enamel bond and hardness.

INSTALLATION, CLEANING AND BREAKING-IN: Shall be in exact accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions. No breaking-in shall be required.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: All chalkboard and markerboard surfaces shall comply with Porcelain Enamel Institute’s Specifications.

Porcelain Enamel Steel Vitracite Chalkboard and LCS Markerboard -will accept magnetic aids
The table at the left describes the various components of a finished Vitracite chalkboard or LCS markerboard. By selecting the face sheet from any of the gauges listed and combining this with the type and thickness of core stock and the type of panel backing desired, a complete chalkboard panel can be custom-ordered in the many thicknesses and make-ups required for virtually every need or local building condition.
Each component - face sheet, core and panel backing - has its own identification. For example a 24 gauge sheet (24) on 3/8” Particle Board (118) with aluminum foil backing (F) would be specified, and ordered, as 24-118-F.
We do not recommend the use of core material without any panel backing. Steel backing is not available with Duracore.
Vitracite chalkboards and LCS markerboards are available with a variety of modifications and options. They can be furnished with rounded corners, special colors, fused lines ruled to any pattern, fused rectangular or polar coordinates or other desired extras.
Should there be any special or unusual chalkboard requirements, Claridge engineers will assist, without obligation, in the design of panels which solve the problem.

*Standard width is 4 ft.





Illustrated 24-118-F Vitracite face, 3/8” particle board core with foil back. This produces a strong, rigid panel which is bonded directly to the wall with No. 16A Adhesive. Vitracite or LCS face sheets can be mounted on various types of core material illustrated in schedule at left. Backing sheets can be aluminum foil, .015” sheet aluminum or rust resisting steel illustrated at left.

LIFE OF THE BUILDING GUARANTEE Under normal usage and maintenance, and when installed in accordance with Claridge instructions and recommendations, Claridge Vitracite porcelain enamel steel chalkboards and LCS markerboards are guaranteed for the life of the building. Guarantee covers replacement of defective boards but does not include cost of removal or reinstallation.