Production Board Waiver as a printable PDF file
This Needs to be printed, signed and faxed to Indoff  for the following reasons.
If you don't request a pre-production sample and you have a major flaw in the artwork you approved, they can not be remade and you own the boards.    If we make a mistake we will replace them at no charge.    Waiver for many boards
1.  We need waiver if you choose not to get a sample and are approving artwork from a PDF or if  you received a custom sample and have made changes to it without ordering a new sample board.
3. We recommend you print out the image at full size to confirm its ok.
4. We also recommend having your boss OK the layout!
5. Carefully check variable data,10% of hospitals have to buy new boards due to mistakes in their file!
Master Index of all Visual Communication Products 860-632-2028 Fax at  860-632-2026

Waiver (In this Box ONLY)        I do not want an actual sample board and have approved the PDF image and will accept the production boards if there are color shade variations, fuzziness due to poor images or subtle changes that only are visible on the full product.  
      I also understand that by signing this waiver I realize that any obvious or subtle layout issues in areas such as (but not limited to) punctuation, line weight, font size or style, closeness of image to frame, color, image quality, spelling in any language, bad variable data numbers or Spanish translations noticed upon receipt of production boards will not be a cause for rejection.    
This waiver still allows you full return / rejection privileges if we print a non approved image or provide defective product.      
Type                                    Size
of Frame ____________    of Board ___________    DaPlus Film Yes or No ______   Tray Y or N ______
Artwork                                 Revision                                            
Number A ______________  Number ___________ Quantity _________ 

Room #'s etc
Variable Data =>  Yes or No  __________ if YES need  Rev # of Excel file  _________

Signed by _____________                           Dated _________    Hosp/Firm _______________

       Pre-Production samples are only recommended if you are extremely concerned about perfect color, have not seen our actual boards or have concerns if the layouts as done will work for you and you need to perform actual trials.  Otherwise the full size printouts allow 95% of people to go ahead without the sample.  If colors are critical specify by Pantone number.
      Note:  Any color shade variations, fuzziness due to poor images or small variations that are on production run but were not noticeable on PDF proof are yours, most will show up on full size printout. 

Details on how to get set up to get the initial sample or pre production board are at   ==>  Custom Sample Board before Production  -- how to print out your board to look at --  about Mistakes

This waiver is strictly about the artwork and layout of board and has nothing to do with receiving and inspection of material upon delivery.  Inspection is hospitals responsibility.  If you would like to request inspection guidelines please call 860-632-2026 x116 or email request to All guidelines will  be faxed to hospital with the order acknowledgment