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Waiver (In this Box ONLY for Multiple Boards) 
        I do not want an actual sample board and have approved the PDF image and will accept the production boards if there are color shade variations, fuzziness due to poor images or subtle changes that only are visible on the full product.  
      I also understand that by signing this waiver I realize that any obvious or subtle layout issues in areas such as (but not limited to) punctuation, line weight, font size or style, closeness of image to frame, color, image quality, spelling in any language, bad variable data numbers or Spanish translations noticed upon receipt of production boards will not be a cause for rejection.   This waiver still allows you full return / rejection privileges if we print a non approved image or provide defective product. 
      => Make Sure Art is Perfect! Revisions after this waiver will incur a $250 minimum stop work charge. A new waiver will then be needed plus lead times will have to start all over.
                       Yes it also has been pointed out that disinfectants will ruin boards without DaPlus film!

Signed by Purchasing _____________                                          Dated _________

Signed by Board layout Manager _____________                              Dated _________

Representing _____________________________                        For Following ______ boards

****We can not process without  Revision number please include it****
Example is   ==>  A1378 r8   all files have revision number as part of file name
A Number Revision #  File Date Quantity Variable Data Approved
if applicable








This waiver is strictly about the artwork and layout of board and has nothing to do with receiving and inspection of material upon delivery.  Inspection is hospitals responsibility.  If you would like to request inspection guidelines please call 860-632-2026 x116 or email request to All guidelines will automatically be faxed to hospital with the order acknowledgment