Larger Boards For Planning and Scheduling
any size up to 4 ft by 6 ft

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Other hospital layouts sizes at 18x24      9x12    12x18   24x36     Scheduling 
Emergency Preparedness


General Introduction!
For in Patient Room Boards see Hospital boards
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18" x 24"  up to 48" x 96" 
Size Price Examples
  9" x 12" 9x12
  12" x 18" 12x18
  18" x 24"  18" x 24"
  24" x 24"  
  24" x 36" 24x36     Planning
  36" x 48"  36x48      Planning
  48" x 48" Planning
  48" x60" Planning
best value 48"x72" Planning
not recommended 4'x 8' Planning


Brochure 4-Page covering line Hospital Boards  

Cleaning and Warranty => Cleaning Note
Warrantee    Erasers

Color, Lines and Grid BackGrounds
You don't pay extra for color.  Call us about matching.  Printing is from digital files at 720 DPI.  PMS Pantone

See Grid Backgrounds at - Grid-back  
Opacity chart   Shaded Grids   Lines

Customers with our Boards
See Hospitals

Emergency Preparedness and Planning
Emergency Preparedness 
for H1/N1

options for felt erasers

Frame Options for big boards
usually aluminum for larger boards with plastic almost always used for 2x3 and smaller

Grids and Back-Grounds & Watermarks
A1391    A1238   A1906   A1870   Pantone

Designing your board
See "Laying out your board" below

The Process

Laying out your board 
Art Work Details and Charges 
Line Spacing and Writing Space - test pages
Graphic Designers that are reasonably priced
Font Sizes on paper from 36 to 108

Pantone Colors full charts to pick from =?  Pantone


The printed dry erase surface we use

Minimum orders
See "Sizes - Priced" below for minimum orders
See Mag-3 for less than 20 pieces

Mounting of Boards to Walls
mounting of plastic framed boards

Options for Hospital Boards such as
Trays  & marker holders 


Board price is based on size, options, style, quantity and trim.  This is a complicated subject with hundreds of variables so please call for a quote.
Most Common prices below at "Sizes - Priced"
Special pricing possible at 1000 pieces
Dealers  &  OEM's call us!   

Sample Boards and Final Proof
Final Proofs Waiver of liability if no sample
Scheduling Boards up to 4' x 8'

Shadowing  Ghosting on large boards
Especially on 4x8'

Sizes - Priced     Overview
9" x 12"             12" x 18"
18" x 24"            24" x 24"
24" x 36"           36" x 48"       48" x 48"
48"x72"                4'x 8'
Steel/Cork Combo Board 24" x 36"


Watermarks and Shading

About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards.  Our expertise allows us to offer beautiful hospital boards for your patients rooms in a multitude of styles and price ranges.  Weather you need 3 or 3,000 we have the capability of meeting your needs.     Our process uses high resolution digital files that are die-sublimated onto our dry erase boards so any layout and infinite colors are available.    Layout of graphics are not included in pricing unless we do a minor modification of an existing board or you supply us correct files.

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   11/01/06
if you need references on past jobs see References     Tenet     MSteel     Mag3