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Important - treat the surface like you would a pair of glasses - only soft non abrasive materials should ever touch it!
Bounty Style paper towels are best - do not use the brown abrasive style paper towel or anything like a Scotch-Brite pad.   If you have something on the board that does not erase easily use Expo cleaner with soft cloths, do not try to rub it off,  that will only wear thru the dry erase surface and make it impossible to use.    

Also Ok are the wet Wipes for dry erase from Sanford

Felt Erasers are Ok and even better are the Quartet Ghostduster   P/N 920332
from Amazon Ghosduster

Abrasives:  Our standard finish will suffer permanent damage from the use of abrasive cleaners and erasers that are to hard, do not use erasers of the bristle type from Walltalkers, MarkaWall and Sky.

General Use:  The biggest problem people have with dry-erase boards is keeping erasers for to long and not removing "dry-marker-residue".   Boards need to be cleaned regularly with an Expo type cleaner, or soap & water to remove the "dry-marker-residue" and erasers need to be cleaned or replaced.   How often????   well, when you go to erase the board and all you get is smearing and its seems that rubbing just makes it worse then its time to clean it.

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