Marker Trays and Marker Holder Ideas for Hospital Boards
If you want trays the only cost effective way is the OAF + plastic tray!!!
However most people are happy with the just the 33060N Magnetic clip!

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Markers in patient rooms:  Most of our customers have no interest in the tray because they leave the markers with the nurses and don't want to have the cost of replacing stolen markers left on a tray.  If you decide you want markers to be accessible to patients and guests our 1st choice are the 33060N magnetic clips which work on our steel boards.   see the pictures below. 

Markers are now in stock see Markers we sell them now at a great price.   Special pricing it bought with marker rings!

Also See Markers for Tablets

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Some are magnetic and can be positioned on the board.  Some aren't.   Tray are available in different styles, colors , and sizes


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Marker Tray Kits
       Approximate List prices based on quantities ordered
Part number Description     Price quantity
33060N Neutral Marker Holder a great holder Most
$0.72 each
many thousands in stock in CT
In lots of 500 $.60
Dealers Call for Special Lot Price
33060N+Marker  Wide barrel black with Magnetic marker holder     $1.82 see page Markers
33060G Green only for Markers No longer made      


Yellow - Only for thin Markers No longer made      
572 Safety Glass Tray   12"x4" $26.30 in stock  v78062
MarkeRaser Holder PSA strip -Clear Plastic Available mount below $11.00 almost invisible
#49 Magnetic Tray Nicely finished   see at   quick lead time
#2031M Magnetic tray Nicely finished see at   made by cutting leg from 2031
as extrusion only available with leg
see 467 if want flat tray extrusion
KR4619 Plastic Tray for Ohio Alum Frame and COAF also on OHIO Alum Frame see at $3.00 ft  
Matt18 MarkaWall 18" Tray Kit   see at  Kit tray   1 on up
264M-12" Magnetic alum tray w/end caps see at   Long lead time call
264M-12" Magnetic alum tray w/end caps see at   Long lead time call
264M-12" Magnetic alum tray w/end caps see at   Long lead time call
265M Magnetic alum tray no end caps      
PM-24  x 5-1/2" Plastic w/ velcro magnets extra  see at $11.00 Cheap flimsy item not recommended
AMC100 Aluminum     $64.10 very classy
You need to think about your marker storage before you order boards.   The plastic frame with the lowest price cannot take a built in tray and can only hold markers or marker trays by use of magnets.    If you absolutely need a built in tray then you must order an aluminum framed board.  There are 3 types of aluminum framed boards all available with trays see     OHIO      CT 

33060N showing strong Magnet

33060N Neutral and 33060G Green + Markers

33061Y for small markers

MarkeRaser holder 6.688" w, 2" tall, 3.5" deep

Aluminum Marker Tray Holder

#49 Magnetic Chalk Tray

MarkaWall 18" tray 

Mount to wall

#49 and #2031M Magnetic Trays

PM24   Plastic

Ohio and Ct Alum Frame with built in Aluminum Tray

1-1/4" deep - not a soft edge

Claridge Magnetic Trays

Ohio Alum Frame with Plastic Tray
Order any length- Snaps on

Claridge Maprail will hold markers

572 glass tray to mount to wall

Aluminum or wood map or Tack Rails for pins

mount under board