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33060N  Marker Clip

Frame Pictures


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Frames   - Basic Comparison
We manufacture many styles  Aluminum(Ohio(OAF)),  , Wood and skins you can frame locally.   Their are different in looks, how they are mounted, lead time, popularity, cost and ability to take marker trays.   See pictures at Frame pictures to compare     mounting/framing Dimensions
Type   Trays option Mounting Comments Cost
Magnetic Overlay       Renew Existing Much less than new boards
Peel and Stick Overlay       Renew Existing Much less than new boards
Frameless   Magnetic trays or External Best Looking Better than Glass Way better than Glass
Ohio Aluminum OAF   Plastic Snap on Hooks or Brackets Takes Magnets Economical Aluminum
OAF Non-Mag   Plastic Snap on Hooks or Brackets No Magnets 25% less than OAF
Wood   Wood Hidden Longest lead time Expensive
Skin Only   you supply Your Method perfect for custom cabinetry  
Snap Frames   External only Look very nice   Lowest cost

Compare Frame Costs on 10 24"x36" boards****


Marker Trays and Clips

Hospitals do not get trays 98% of the time because:
   1.  Our 33060N Magnetic marker clips work so well on our magnetic receptive boards.
   2.  Trays stick out from the wall and are a hazard and obstacle for all your movable equipment.
   3.  Erasers should not be allowed in patient rooms due to the fact they cannot be cleaned,  they are very porous and will hold germs and disease for years, and they are held in your hand.   We suggest paper towels, CaviWipes in conjunction with the 33060N Marker Clips. 

If you must have a tray, see above chart that may help you in your decision.   Please discuss mounting with maintenance and be clear on installation and frame type before ordering boards.

If you need Trays to add as either separate trays not attached to board or magnetic trays see Trays





About Our Boards and US!
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