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Brooklyn Wood Frame Pictures
Claridge Wood Frame - Higher End

-About Wood Frames-NOT very popular with hospitals but available.

1. Our framer makes boards for schools and lead time is 2 to 3 times our standard plastic or aluminum frame unit(9-13 weeks).
2. Wood needs to be finished and sealed for hospitals here are options
-- note (a.) is the standard
(a.)  Standard wood and finish is ** White Oak (no Stain) with an Oil Finish **
        (b.)    no oil or stain with a semi-gloss poly sealer
        (c.)    MinWax stain with a semi-gloss poly sealer
        (d.)     last option is maple wood with poly finish

3. Wood can be stained see => stain  Colors

4.  Wood trays are available but must be the full width of board.
Hospitals do not get trays 98% of the time because:
   1.  Our 33060N Magnetic marker clips work so well on our magnetic receptive boards
   2.  Trays stick out from the wall and are a hazard and obstacle for all your movable equipment
   3.  Trays on EZ-Hang change clean look and mounting method
   4.  Built in aluminum trays are a large shipping challenge and increase costs and shipping damage.
   5.  Erasers should not be allowed in patient rooms due to the fact they cannot be cleaned,  they are very porous and will hold germs and disease for years, and they are held in your hand.   We suggest paper towels, CaviWipes in conjunction with the 33060N Marker Clips
Many disinfectants warn of use on lacquer and all warn about use on unsealed wood. +++++
   7.  Aluminum is less money and much easier to disinfect.


Their are Two wood frames sizes based and they are used based on the size of the board see framing Dimensions



Woods available:
     unfinished white oak
     finished red oak
Pictures on this page are our CT Wood Frame with D-rings

Specifically Wood Frame Issues Below

Wood frames when made from our standard size skins grow in overall size.     Unless you specifiically request and pay an upcharge for a board to have a smaller outside dimension your board will grow by amounts shown at ==>.  mounting/framing Dimensions

For a large order where you need to use our standard boxes we will have to shear skins down so when framed they are the nominal size.  This is not an issue with bulk packed boards to hospitals.

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   9/29/2011