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Underlayment Grade

What types of Cork are their see Types

Sturdy Colored Cork, Natural Cork, Fabric Covered, Vinyl covered, Hook and loop tape compatible, washable.....

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Cork options

Colored Cork -Our most popular longest wearing Tack able Wall surface is Colored cork or Forbo Cork see Cork for complete specifications, 12 Great Colors, availability, FOB pints and ordering info  for  Small Tiles
Underlayment Grade  for sound deadening and other non bulletin board use
Natural Cork  Natural Cork In Rolls House Brand Natural Cork
1/2" natural tan Pebble cork
For Other Tackable Surfaces Please See Below............
Fire Ratings - Index of Tackable  Cork and Tackable Fire Ratings

For Cork Panels -- backed cork but not frame see Panels of Cork i.e. mounted cork

Polyvision  -     Fabric    Plain Cork    Vinyl Plus    Vinyl Type I & II   Colored-cork 
for Framed Polyvision Boards go

Claridge Fabric only w/o backer used wallpaper adhesive or Claridge #17

Claridge Main Index with various tackable surfaces

for Claridge Architectural Vs Commercial (our line) see Bulletin Board Specifications

Tan NuCork...............74 
available in rolls 48" wide or on hardboard or Duracore
Claridge Cork .(Colored Cork)...........75
     available in rolls 48" wide or on hardboard
Designer Fabric Covered Cork and Duracore .12 Fabric choices.............75      installation instructions 
     available in edge wrapped, on panels or rolls of fabric only
Fabricork - Washable Vinyl over Cork or Duracore .............. 75
     available on panels, on cork underlay even on flame retardent Duracor
Hook-Fab - Fabric that works with HookTape over Cork or Duracore...............75
      available on panels, edge wrapped panels, fabric only or on cork underlay

General index of  Map Rail, Display Rail, Exhibit Strips and Clip-strips    or direct to Claridge => 62  63 .64   
Complete Tackable surface solutions for covering a wall to framed bulletin boards we have fabric, natural cork, colored cork, vinyl on various backings or just the material to create your own bulletin boards