Map Rail, Display Rail, Exhibit Strips and Clip-strips
Some use Pins in Cork,  others have Pin-less grips and some like the Hang-Tight, VersaStrip and Claridge #94 have both Pins and Pin-Less
Quick 4 ft long  Price Comparison
Displ2 with cork for pins $16.50  
Grip-A-Strip Mechanical $31.95  
Wiserail Mechanical $34.04  
Versatrip Pins & mechanical $34.95  
EganGrip Mechanical $82.00  

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Best Choice Our Maprail
Hooks Avaialable  both 1" and 2" 



EDR Exhibit rail  63    3" wide with Fabricork insert


 #79 Hang-Tight Rail system  63 
the hang tight has both cork and pin-less plus holds accessories

VersaStrip Better than a Bulletin Board
pins and pin-less in one unit


  wooden display rail in both 3" and 4" widths


Claridge #94  has both cork and Pin-Less Holding p.62

   Clip Strip 63   by Claridge  

Grip-A-strip shown below -Grip-A-Strip Paper Rail


Egan Grip Strips See EGANGRIP  
can be gotten with magnetic back to go on your ceramic board or with adhesive back


Rubber-Tak Tackstrips
Self-adhesive tackstrips mount anywhere for instant display space.


  Claridge Economy Map Rail #51 is 1" wide
Claridge Deluxe Map Rail #74 is 2" wide

Aluminum Display,  Map Rail, Cork Tackable Rail, Exhibit Rail ...62 
63  64   

Weisrail   v.126748



Vertical MapRail  sideways applications

MATT10-01 tray   **Discontinued**

For flag holders, flip chart hooks, etc please see Map Rail Accessories