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We custom make every board giving you the freedom to get exactly what you need on your dry-erase board.
All our board take magnets from colored circles to printed names(call for pricing).
We currently don't have many good examples for this category but we can create it quickly from a photo or sketch!
Some Examples Below that we will modify to get you the most efficient board
++ Of interest a report saying how manual boards are more up to date than electronic ones see report
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A6383  48X60

A10765-r4 24x36


A6761 18 x 24
Nurse Station

A6112  24x36

A6928 48x72

A6894 48x72 Cath Lab

A6602 36 x 48

A6668  30x40

A6606 36 x 48

A6556  60 x 48

A6578  24x18

A6576 30x40

A6398  36x48
Labor &Delivery Statu

A1794 ED Goals

A6516 24x36

A6477  36x4

A6476 36x48

A6384 36x48

A6128 24x24

A4873 Surgery

A5922 40x30 Nurse Station

A6050  40x54 Nurse Station

A5949  36x48

A5897 24x36
ED Spotlight Report

A5913 36x48 Nurse Station

A5872 36x36 PACU Assignmment

A5537 30x4

A1388 48x42

A5524 48x48 Radiology

A10132  30x18
  Trauma On-Call
No $70 layout if get with no changes

A2293 24x36

A5526 36x48

A5658 36x48
L&D Status





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