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Turning Schedules
on your Hospital board

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We can help you 4 ways ----  These are all very good non-ghosting dry erase with full color image
1.  Magnets put on an existing steel board can be any size from 2"x2" to 4 feet by 4 feet
2.  Peel and stick decals to go on either a steel board on a non steel board  can be any size from
     2"x2" to 4 feet by 4 feet
3.  A separate solid framed board starting at 9" x 12" that could have just a turning schedule or also incorporate a fall protection logo
4.  A Snap Frame with printed insert and dry erase lens cover they start at 8.5x11
The best way to pick a turning schedule it to look at complete boards to see how they fit in go to Med-Surg Layouts for examples.
A9158 Example of a small special use board





A10494 12x18 Braden Risk


Turning 6  made for A1544 Ochsner


Turning 7


Turning -3


Turning 10





Turning 12


Turning 13


Turning 14


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