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Price Page for Magna Visual Items
Complete Magnetic Board Kits:
Grids - use as needed for General planning or date based...

White on White Magnetic - invisible grid
WOW series   24x36 and 36x48

Magnetic Planning Kit 
EBK series  24" x 36" , 36" x 48", 48" x 72"

Magnetic Double Sided Start up Planning kit
SPK Series 18" x 24", 24" x 36" Grids one side, bare on back

Magnetic Work Plan Kits  1" x 2" pattern
OB Series  Fused on Blue Grid Lines in

Magnetic Work Plan Kits  2" x 3" pattern
OB Series Fused on Blue Grid Lines in

Magnetic Planning Board with Horizontal lines only 
NMW Series

Magnetic Grided Boards
- no Kit.....

Magnetic Grided Boards from 18x24 to 60x144
PF Series grid pattern from 1/4" to 1" x 3"

Complete Board Kits:
Specific Calendar Layout....

Full Year Activity Planner Kit 12-Month 
ACB Series   Magnetic (4'x3') (4'x6')

4-month Activity Planner Kit
ML Series Magnetic (3' x 2')  and (3' by 4')

Magnetic Calendar Kits - Panels
CB Series  36" tall by 18" wide - Movable System

Non-Magnetic Monthly-Yearly Planners
WO Series

Complete Non-Magnetic Board Kits:
Grids - use as needed for General planning or date based...

Non Magnetic grids   EMB Series

Non Magnetic Changeable Planner Kits
EMBK Series


Accessories For Boards:
Cardholders & Inserts for Magnetic Work Plan Boards   MCH Series

Accessory kits    CO Series

Indicators    MI Series

Magnetic Letters & Numbers   MA Series

Dry Erase markers, Wipe-On-Wipe-Off markers,
Board Cleaner and Marker Kit, Pointer Pens    LCM Series

Chart Tape to make Grids on your Whiteboard    CT Series

Magnetic Headings & Indicators Thick    MH Series

Magnetic Headings & Indicators Flat    PF & FH Series