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Magnetic Strip Kits

Item # Size  7/8" x 2" label inserts Magnetic Headings Markers 3/4" Round Indicators Pricing
EBK-2436 24" x 36" 100 1 Set 1 1 set $209.00
ESK-3648 36" x 48" 200 1 Set 2 1 set $359.00
EBK-4872 48" x 72" 300 1 Set 3 1 set $639.00

all these have 1" by 2" grids picture above is of the EBK-2436                                             

Magnetic Dry Erase Board Surface
Magnetic Strips & Cardholders
Hanging Hardware Included

Multi-purpose kit organizes a wide variety of information more effectively.

1 x 2 grid pattern can be used for a multitude of schedules.

Five different colors of magnetic strips or data cards permit fast updating, plus important color coding ability. Month, day, date headings, indicators (approx 20 - Red, Green & Blue)  and markers are included.

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