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ACB-4872-2W Activity Calendar


12-Month Activity Calendar Board Kits

Item# Board Size Events Per Day Magnetic Strips Marking Pens List Price



125 - 3/8"x2-5/8"
125 - 7/8"x2-5/8"






200 - 3/8"x2"
200 - 7/8"x2"



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12-Month Planning Calendars

Your perpetual calendar board lets you see all dates at a glance, so you can react to change, spot problems, avoid conflicts with this flexible magnetic system.

Easy to maintain - write data on color-coded magnetic event strips. Arrange and re-arrange dates quickly and neatly by just moving magnets. Write-on boards add more flexibility.

An ideal master calendar for office, student activities, athletic schedule - a perfect date reminder to coordinate activities and get people working together. Helps everyone make best the use of their time, and eliminates lost notes.

Kit includes:

  • Framed white magnetic board with hanging hardware
  • Date & month headings
  • Write-on magnetic strips
  • Triangle weekend block-outs
  • Marking pens
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