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Write-On Planning Kits

  • Monthly Planner

  • Yearly Planner

  • Universal Planner

Board, marker and eraser are all that is required to organize and control information with these simple, economical planning systems. Special non-magnetic write-on/wipe-off surfaces were designed to stay clean and bright, even after repeated erasing. 

Boards accept both dry-erase and water soluble markers.

The components included are:    Eraser-One Set of 4 Dry-Erase Markers (one each of black, red, blue, & green)

 Item # Size   Descnption Pricing
WO-O1  24" x 36" Monthly Planner $95
WO-03 24" x 36" 60 Day Planner $95
WO-05 24" x 36" 120 Day Planner $95

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