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Magnetic Grid Dry Erase Boards - Magna Visual control boards are the backbone of our visual communication systems. Create your own communication system with the use of our magnetic accessories, chart tape, water soluble pens and dry erase markers.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Porcelain Surface
  • Magnetic flexibility
  • Write-on/wipe-off surface
  • Special sizes and grid patterns available
  • 28 gauge porcelain steel
  • 1/4" hardboard with foil back
  • Boards 60" in height have reinforced backing
  • Double-sided porcelain boards available
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Standard aluminum frame (natural color)
  • Optional framing and chalk trays available

Satin anodized aluminum framing w/ built in hanging channel is available in painted finishes of brown, black & grey.  This is at no extra charge

Wood framing w/ 1-3/8" face is available in natural oak, walnut, cherry & mahogany.  Call for pricing

Aluminum chalk trays are available in a 1 1/4" depth only.  Plastic chalk trays are available in magnetic and non-magnetic in 2" depths x 10" long.  Call for pricing.

The dimensions listed are outside dimensions of board.  Usable surface is minus 1" each direction.

All boards below are with standard aluminum frame and no marker tray

All boards are with blue grids

Size Plain List 1/4"x1/4" Grid List 

1/2"x1/2" Grid


1/2"x2" Grid

18"x24" PBF-3 $89.00


  PBFG5-3 $129.00 PBFG52-3 $129.00
24"x36" PBF-5 $139.00


  PBFG5-5 $229.00 PBFG52-5 $229.00
36"x48" PBF-6 $249.00


  PBFG5-6 $399.00 PBFG52-6 $399.00
48"x72" PBF-8 $449.00


  PBFG5-8 $745.00 PBFG52-8 $745.00
48"x96" PBF-9 $669.00


48"x120" PBF-11 $1079.00


48"x144" PBF-12 $1259.00


60"x96" PBF-10 $1598.00


60"x120" PBF-13 $2075.00


60"x144" PBF-14 $2375.00



1"x1" Grid


1"x2" Grid


2"x3" Grid


18"x24" PBFG-3 $129.00 PBFG2-3 $129.00 PBFGL-3 discontinued
24"x36" PBFG-5 $229.00 PBFG2-5 $229.00 PBFGL-5 discontinued
36"x48" PBFG-6 $399.00 PBFG2-6 $399.00 PBFGL-6 $399.00
48"x72" PBFG-8 $745.00 PBFG2-8 $745.00 PBFGL-8 $745.00
All boards available without frames - call for costs.

Please specify color when ordering

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