Surfaces that allow you to project on them
via LCD projector and then add to your projected image
 with dry-erase markers -  both optically clear and white

EraseWall in Action
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This page covers Projectable surfaces that are also Dry-Erasable

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Since Project able surfaces are low gloss this feature also has reduced glare from overhead lights and windows

Flexible Wall coverings to be used for Projection & Dry Erase
Gloss Factor Sheet at 60 degrees

The best in Projectable Dry Erase
see VersaPRO formerly EganWall
a Great Wallpaper
White Only

Transcribe = to EraseWall

MarkaWall has a ManyfProjectable surfaces.

NuVuWall  wallpaper works fine for 98% projection use but is very hard to clean.

EraseWall  for applications where writing will be more than an occasional note or VersaPRO if you want the best dry erase/projection surface.


KBF Films
Both clear and white
in a Matt finish
Rigid Framed Boards and Rigid Panels to be used for Projection & Dry Erase

Alliance Ceramicsteel  

has a P3 material that works great as a projection board

The Alliance P3 Low-glare is your best bet in making a whole wall both projectable and writable.  

Note Low-odor markers are not recommended for Low-Gloss P3


Egan also makes finished boards using the EVS  as the surface.   Same exceptional projection and dry erase in framed units and portable panels.


New is PSA Versa

New !  LCSII  Claridge now has a Projectable Ceramic Steel Material\See LCSII


in conference cabinets


The low cost Erasewall

Below are low usage outer edge products that are specialized coatings on steel Sheet
Projection Plus is a complete writing surface it is a grey porcelain coating on steel that is very low gloss by Polyvision QuartzVue Projection Screen
Rigid steel system
BestRite 208S  a project able steel dry erase skin with adhesive back