QuartzVue Projection Screen

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QuartzVue Projection Screen

Many curved screen display products consist of fragile reflective surfaces, sacrificing durability for image quality.  The Alliance Imaging Technologies screen has a ceramic surface which is not only designed to take its share of abuse, it also incorporates a translucent, matte-white reflecting matrix that guarantees a bright, vibrant image that’s easy on the eyes.  The surface is highly resistant to all types of mechanical abuse and a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

·       Minimal eye strain for long-term viewing
180° viewing angle
No hot spot
Natural Colours
High Contrast
Daylight viewing
Resistant to scratches, cuts, heat and smoke
Standard Sizes 28”, 39”, 59” 67”, 79”, 84”
Custom sizes by special order
Magnetic surface which you can write on with dry markers makes for many creative uses


 p22 new light gray ceramic over steel

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