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Gloss factor at 60 degrees of dry erase

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Gloss factor at 60% is a rating for the amount of glare that will be present when you project on a dry erase surface.

The lower the number the less you will see the projectors hotpot.

Clear films are generally 10 more than if on a white film.

The lower the gloss on clear overlays the muddier or less vibrant the background

Product Name General Use Clear
 or white
Install by   at 60 degrees
NuVuWall Wallpaper White   D for paste Lenticular very good 10%
EraseWall Wallpaper White B+   for paste most popular 30%
MagWall Wallpaper White     for paste   66%
Transcribe Regular Wallpaper White     for paste   80-88
Egan EVS Write Wallpaper White     for Paste   40%
Egan EVS Presentation Wallpaper White     for Paste   30%
VersaPro was EganWall Wallpaper White     for Paste   28%
EganWall EWW Wallpaper White     for paste   36%
Transcribe Low Wallpaper White B   for paste   40%
JustWall Wallpaper White     for paste   60%
Pearlcoat Overlay White White       Never went to production <40%
KBF-113WBK Overlay White
White   A Has PSA for Electronic Bds - matt 21%
KBF-110WPC Overlay White White   D Has PSA for Electronic Bds - matt 15%
KBF-110WPN Overlay White
White   F None for Electronic Bds - matt 13%
KBF203C Overlay White
White     Has PSA for BDS 80%
KBF-210WBT Overlay White White     Has PSA for BDS 95%
DaPlus Overlay Clear Clear A+++ A+ Has PSA Very glossy 85-90%
MarkaFilmLG Overlay Clear Clear A+++ New Product Fantastic 23%
KBC-105C Overlay Clear Clear     Has PSA Wet Erase 13%
Claridge #75 Ceramic Steel White A+++   for adhesive   79
E3 6100L Ceramic Steel White A+++   for adhesive School Standards 68-78%
E3 6100H Ceramic Steel White A+++   for adhesive School Standards 87-95%
Egan VersaJOT Solid Plastic White     PSA Back   40%
* Sharpie test:  Low gloss materials never do as well in dry erase testing as High Gloss.   A quick test to sort out low performance is draw on product and let sit for 30 minutes the remove sharpie via overwriting with expo marker.
I product performs very poorly it will not be a long lasting surface.
A no effect
B slight texture remnant
D slight permanent discoloration

** DE test - How well it erases
A very easy
B medium
D difficult
F need to do a wet erase

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