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Behavioral Safety
Anti-Ligature Boards


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 Behavioral Health




Styrene video



Our newest and best is our .060 styrene

Just get it with rounded corners

Small Boards 18"x23" and under are a best make on our printed dry erase hardboards

Larger boards can be made on the hardboard but they require larger custom runs which makes the
Screw down Snap frames the best way to get larger low quantity units see Snap

Fixed Anti-ligature Frames

Peel and Stick Overlays can be put on a flat wall and you can add wood or metal trim to cover edges so they can't be peeled off.    see floor seam cover at amazon   seam binders home depot

Call Allen Hutton a 860-632-2026 x111 to discuss


Image result for pin and torx bolt

We have samples to show you and send if interested.

Also if unprinted is needed we can sell you our dry erase wallpaper
or if large printed sizes in the Masonite get to costly we can make Overlays that are dry erase up to 50" x 96",  These overlays can go directly on a perfectly smooth wall