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The High Security range of Anti-Ligature Wall Mirrors from DuraVisionTM are designed for use in Prisons, Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, Mental Health and Behavioural Facilities and Municipal Toilets. The tamper proof vinyl frame design is ligature free, resistant to breakage and easy to install. The mirror face is placed into the rebate from the back, then the ACM backing is glued into its own rebate. This method allows the mirror face to float slightly, however once fixed to a flat wall, the mirror and backing are totally encapsulated and cannot be removed without destruction of the frame (ie: the mirror cannot be pulled out from the front). A non-pick sealant can also be applied after installation where the mirror frame makes contact with the wall to reduce ligature risk.
Each mirror is packed in a plastic bag and individually boxed in a single cushion carton. Security Head Torx Screws or Rawl Spikes can be supplied as an optional extra.
Anti-Ligature Secure Wall Mirror
High Security Wall Mirror

Manufactured By Bennett Mirror Technologies Ltd - 16 Maleme St - Tauranga - New Zealand - Tel: +64 7 9285380 - E:
Available with acrylic, polycarbonate or stainless steel mirror face.
Tamper proof encapsulating frame available in 3 sizes (see below).
7mm (9/32) anti-ligature counter-bore mounting holes designed to take security head fasteners.
ACM Back holds the mirror securely in place.
Recessed, tamper proof fixings increase security and reduce ligature risk.
PVC water resistant frame.
Tough, durable and built to last.

Suitable Uses
Maximum Security Prisons and Correctional Institutions
Mental Health and Behavioural Facilities
Municipal Toilets

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