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Details of Screw Down Anti-Ligature Snap frame Details
Holes will be in a snap edges to accept supplied pin and Torx screws.  Long sides may have 2 per side

A 36x48 frame is approximately $154 for 1-9 and $154 10-99
Can be shipped set up or knocked down to save freight
Lens covers and printed inserts are priced at Snap Pricing or call for quote
Other sizes from 18x24 to 48 x 96 are available using this 1.25" framed style

A standard 24x36 square corner frame getting 4 lock down sides adds about $19 to frame cost


Top picture shows rounded frame without locking screws
Bottom picture shows safety screw that locks down snap frame

Image result for pin and torx bolt
Pin and Torx bolt style used
Keys for the Torx bolt are $5 each