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Styrene .060"  Use for wall mounted boards on rough surfaces where you can get by without a frame and cost is a issue


See Anti-Ligature Behavorial health use




Price on price pages as #56 see 18x24 price

Call Allen Hutton a 860-632-2026 x111 to discuss

Rounded Corners optional at a slight cost.

Mount with screws, double backed tape, poster hangers

weight is only 0.4 lbs per square ft

Styrene is very strong and able to take impact
The tick styrene makes great hand held tablets also!

+++These can also be printed on both sides+++
If we do that make sure how you will hang them or talk to us


A5973 23x17 Anti-Ligature board

We have samples to show you and send if interested.

On price pages we also have our .020" printed dry erase #52
styrene that need to be used as a surface overlay since it is flexible.

Pages with #52 and #56 Styrene pricing
9"x12"  12"x18"  18"x2420"x30" 2'x2'  2'x30"  2'x3'  2'x4' 2'x5' 2'x6'
30"x40"   3'x4' 3'x53'x6'  4'x4'   4'x54'x6' 4'x7'  4'x8'