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Thick vs Thin Plastic Frames

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1st Choice to make - Aluminum or Plastic frame   Pics

Reasons for  Plastic Frames - Reasons for Aluminum Frame -
    + Cost is less - see price sheets     + can have built in tray - but tray sticks out from wall  a "hazard"
        + must be used on boards over 36" x 48"
    + quality and life of frame very good     + allows hook attachment- not available on  plastic frames
    but still may require permanent or more stable angle brackets   
    + 30% of boards we make are plastic framed
    + looks more like artwork and less institutional than alum     +  strongest attachment is by alum frame with angle brackets
    + 3/16" very economical  - 3/8" more $ but looks nicer     + New Ohio Alum frame only slightly more than plastic frames

Plastic Frames do not have hooks and need permanent mounting to wall
see ===>  Mounting of Boards to Walls
       Alum framed from CT   Aluminum OHIO
We suggest you discuss mounting with your maintenance dept or have them call us!

Plastic frames are made of ABS Plastic Trays on aluminum frames
     1. Ohio has a snap on optional plastic tray of any length
     2. Ohio also has optional all Aluminum Tray

Printed MarkaSteel boards can be bought as
Printed Skins with sheared edges
Printed skins with Rounded corners
Printed Skin with a Plastic Frame
Printed Skin with an
Aluminum Frame   CT-Frame  OHIO   Plastic Tray   New EZ-Hang

AS of 4/10/07 the 18 x 24 boards will come standard with the thinner 3/16" inside and 1/4" face Frame

---for colors of plastic frames see Colors
    Note- Plastic hanging brackets are not supplied on production boards- they do not hold up over time
see mounting of plastic framed boards















Above on left is new frame on right is older frame                                                      picture on right is hook on the new frame
new frame lighter and thinner
most samples of the Good Health board have thick frame production will have thin frame

more pictures of thick frame => here is our standard Thick plastic frame
also new plastic frame is only available if not film it installed otherwise there is a big charge ask for a quote if needed


Here is top view of the thin new 3/16" and thick 1/2" frames







Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/01/07