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Aluminum EZ Hang Frame
IND-2 and 1 are special order
Only available with long lead times

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EZ-Hang available in both Black and Satin Anodized
Note Black is really a Dark Bronze Anodized Color not a true Black

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Internal Corner Force Fit assembly bracket for EZ-Hang IND-2
P/N   INDGMI-69-1

Install Manual

Installation for EZ Hang Full page

quick install   Mounting info!

install Top to brackets and hang board on top ones making sure its level,  then mark line along bottom of frame and measure up 1.5" and use that mark as centerline for screw for lower clip




EZ-Hang Old pre 9/2011 vs new EZ-2  
    1.  We have Discontinued the old EZ-hang-Edu frame and replaced it with the EZ-2
    2.  The EZ-2 is better because it uses a stronger concealed press-fit corner joint rather than visible pop-rivets, so it looks even better.
    3.  The only other difference is that you gain some board space since the frame only covers 1/2" rather than 3/4" and the overall outside dimension of the frame grows by 1/2" in width and height.

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