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Caulk Seams / Seaming

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*** Beware ***
IF you are doing a wall to wall or putting pieces next to each other you need
to consider the following methods
both for cost and labor skill needed and cost


**BEWARE**    Different Dye Lots of same color can be noticeably different
  if you are putting two pieces next to each other make sure they are from the same roll or if from two different rolls be sure the rolls are from the same dye lot.   If you order multiple rolls and do not specify that they need to be from the same dye lot  they probably won't be.   If many rolls from the same dye lot are needed they may not be available. Call   See Dye Lots

Double Cut

you need a lot of skill  paper instruction manual
watch video showing it being done  Video
Tool Needed
 Wood Trim
- leave 1/2" gap and insert wood trim - Easy and Nice Looking

Cork Trim
Aluminum J-Trim see J-trim

.  use colored Caulk

Sherwin Williams Caulk Seam


Just butt pieces



Easiest Method but be aware that the cork does shrink and contract

so a piece you butt and glue to the wall today could have a very visible gap tomorrow - may be able to be rectified with 4 caulk

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