***** How to Order from Indoff's CT Branch *****
We DO NOT have on-line ordering
for credit cards print Order-form and fax it to us
for PO's see for For Purchase Orders below

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Indoff accepts PO's,  Credit Card Orders, Government Impact cards and Prepayment   


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Indoff    -  nationwide sales
860-632-2028 Fax

credit card order forms => Order-forms

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About Government Orders

General Credit Account Sheet Customer Credit Terms
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How to Pay us   W-9 Form

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After Sale Invoice Questions

Indoff Connecticut Branch does not do any of the  invoicing or run the credit card charges.  Our home office does all the billing.  If you need to get a copy of an invoice or get an invoice billed out please contact your regional contact below.  For pricing questions or questions about the actual order please call us here in Connecticut (860) 632-2026

Accounts Receivable Contact: Cherrie Bledsoe Collection Manager x276

Administrative: Melanie Jefferson Collection Assistant Manager x224

Jean Howard AL,CT, DDc, MD, NE, NH, NJ, Va (314)372-2085 246
Yolonda Thompson OK, TN, WI, RADA collections (314) 372-2066 224
Lolita Harding AZ, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR,, UT, WA, WY,  BC, ON, AK, HI  


Marella Keith CA, CO

(314) 372-2081


Patricia Dannenberger

- IA, IL, SD, MS

(314) 372-2026


DeeAnn Student

 FL, GA, IN,  SC, VT

(314) 372-2071


Eddie Hughes


(314) 372-2064


Renee Erbs


(314) 372-2066


Millie Thomas


(314) 372-2116


Sales Tax
 Indoff has tax numbers for every state and we do have to charge you sales tax unless you provide the proper tax resale or exemption form (we need more than just a tax number)( if you are a clearly defined US government agency doing the buying such as Macdill Air force Base then we don't need the form).
 if you need a form to fill out see => tax-form-resale

For after the sale -  sale tax issues:  Please call 314-372-2069 ext 212.  speak with Linette Quesenberry.  Linette works at our home office and is the sales tax specialists. She can Determine what your tax rate is, refund tax if you are exempt or explain any other issues you may have with tax.

For Purchase Orders  =>
       New Customer

Credit Information

Credit Application

Bank Signature Form

We will need to have you set up on open account terms.   This is very painless and we will accept your standard trade reference and bank sheet.   If you do not have a standard sheet you can fill in a credit application.   Upon credit approval (one day to a week depending on the responsiveness of your bank and references) your credit line will be determined.
In short fax me references and a PO.   If time is of the essence you can also include a credit card number we can use if credit approval is slow and you need it ordered NOW.   I will confirm receipt of order usually within 4 hours...   If you do not get a order acknowledgement in 4 hours CALL ME.
 Contractor Orders Types and Rules   see Contractor orders  We do not Take SUB Contractor POs --- we only accept straight material Purchase Orders
Credit Card Orders  => Order-form   Please do not call in orders.  Call me to confirm pricing or details of order but then fill in form and fax it to me.  I will confirm receipt of order usually within 4 hours...   If you do not get a order acknowledgement in 4 hours CALL US.  Credit card orders are billed w/ in 24 hours even if material has not shipped.  Order acknowledgments will show all charges for the material and freight.  If you are taxable the tax will be added to the charge and will be based on your local rate
Pre Payment  => send check to address below made out to Indoff Inc.
**Very Important About **
& Freight-Awareness
=> damage claims ?    Fedex Ground
Job Site Delivery of Products
Weight of product
Example of actual claim
packaging big units & Stacked Freight
Shipping of Bigger Boards
mailing address for orders -- not the FOB point

Indoff - CT
7 Twin Oaks Dr
Cromwell, CT 06416
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Restocking and Return Policy      These sheets comes with order acknowledgements about freight