A10750 to print pull size to test size you need

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In Multi page column click image and download it.

Then print out all the sheets in color on 8.5x11 paper.

Cut off scrap and tape together for a full size layout.

Write on with dry erase to see size needed!

Revision # size 1 page pdf Multi page to get full size
Write on with dry Erase to test size
A10750 r6 12x18 12x18 12x18
A10750 r2 18x24 18x24 18x24
A10750 r4 24x24 24x24 24x24
A10750 r1 24x30 24x30 24x30
A10750 r3 24x36 24x36 24x36
A10750 r5 36x24 36x24 36x24